Kirin Engineering Company, Limited.
Company Introduction

Total of Kirin Engineering Company, Limited

We respond to our customers' needs with flexibility.
We make the best use of the functions and conveniences of food factories.
We decrease our customers' work load, save their time, and cut costs to the minimum.

From construction to manufacturing facilities, utilities, logistics, and information systems, factories with an overall balance and convenience for use are realized.

(design and construction)
  • layout design
  • structure design
  • periphery construction
  • creative design
  • circulation design
  • division design for sanitation
  • civil and architectural engineering
(design and construction)
  • manufacturing facilities
  • packaging facilities
  • logistics system
  • power control system
  • information system
(Utilities, design and construction)
  • substation equipments
  • air conditioning and ventilation
  • water and drainage equipments
  • byproduct disposal equipments
  • sanitary equipments for water
    supply and drainage
Response to Food Safety Control System (HACCP)
When constructing food manufacturing facilities, it is a prerequisite to introduce quality guarantee systems that can provide a high guarantee of food safety. Thus, we propose sanitary zoning planning to prevent cross contamination resulting from the routes of persons and products, and also offer the production line design that achieves the standard of the best automation, to increase productivity.
Energy Saving
After considering the economic benefits of the investment effect, such as ice thermal storage, cogeneration, self power generation, etc, we propose best projects.
Source Tracing System
From the perspective of customer strategies, systems to command food manufacturing logistics and the dispatching of raw materials and information should be constructed, and we will evaluate, discuss, and execute the projects based on your needs.
Response to Distribution System of Small Quantity and Large Variety
With the development of an increasing variety of products in decreasing batch quantities, Kirin provides the most appropriate distribution systems developed by our company, using unique technologies to elevate the optimal rate and mobility.
The best logistics systems
We construct the most appropriate logistics systems to cut logistic costs, respond to a variety of products, shorten delivery period, and meet other needs.
Strategies for pests and mice prevention
The prevention of pest intrusion is a basic requirement for food facilities. We therefore offer the best design, based on a food factory's location, surroundings, construction dimensions, and other conditions.
Caring for the Earth's Environment
Taking "realizing circulating factories" as our goal, we propose the reuse of water resources, heat energy recycling systems, and other plans.
Labor Resources Saving
We emphasize operational capabilities, effective operation, zoning systems, route design, and mechanical control to save labor resources.
Supervision System
From the perspective of a manufacturing engineering guarantee, various engineering curriculum vitae need to be managed. Kirin can support HACCP's information collecting via a process supervision and record system with low price and high capabilities.
Planning Production System
We reevaluate complicated production systems, and propose the best disposition of personnel through computer generated plans, to distribute processing loading and to pursue horizontalization.
Dry / wet floor management
To prevent germs from living on floors, the best policy is to maintain floor dryness. However, some engineering constructions require water for washing. Therefore, we take floor materials, finishing corners, the dimensions of drainage ditches, and other factors into consideration.
Dew Prevention
Dew problems often occur in food factories with substantial low-temperature processing. Therefore, the interior dimensions and the adjoining space and environment of the construction should be controlled to prevent dew.
Constructing Factories of medicine and health food
Taking the construction of factories for biological and pharmaceutical products as an axis, we develop advanced technologies, and provide sterility technologies, blending, processing, technology development, and downriver factories for medicine and health foods.

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