Kirin Engineering Company, Limited.
Company Introduction

Points of Kirin Engineering Company, Limited

Flexibility, using our experience, know-how and technologies.
We keep everyone happy, just like our friends.

System design methods
From the manufacturing process, HACCP, other health management systems, construction, construction equipment, logistics, information systems, and other conditions, we adopt unique system design methods to produce basic designs for food factories. These methods not only integrate various types of mechanical equipment, but also aid the holistic coordination of food factories.
Food-related know-how
We utilize Kirin Beer's operational experience and experience in factory construction to make each design, after considering the actual factory operation from the customer's point of view (Owners Engineer).
Procurement of mobility
Kirin Engineering is not a machine manufacturer, a construction company, or software company. Therefore, without the influence of any specific machine factory or construction company, we can provide fair evaluations to make the best choices which meet your needs. In addition, if your company has any specific designation when a choice is made, we will implement the project via a satisfying system, based on Kirin Engineering's consistent system of responsibility.
Unitary maintenance system
In the past, after delivery, inspection, and acceptance, in the event of a problem, you may not have known which company you should contact, as some problems are hard to identify. Now, Kirin Engineering's unitary maintenance system will deal with problems quickly through unitary a customer center.
Unitary responsibility system
Kirin Engineering will organize a project team for customers. From planning to design, purchasing, and test running, we carry out the project under a consistent system of responsibility. Therefore, We can reflect our planning ideas in the design and construction.
Integrated technical abilities
We employ technicians from various fields, and combine their professional technologies for design to realize a balanced and user friendly factory construction.
The best design which has economic benefits
We not only discuss how to cut the basic cost, but also carry out the best design which provides economic benefits for the operational cost.
Proficient at the latest technology
In addition to professional manufacturing equipment related to food facilities, we have also begun to construct public equipment, logistic equipment, information systems, construction, and other diversified facilities. At the same time, we accumulate this experience to provide you with the latest technology.
Operation instruction
Using past cultivated performance, we will offer technical instructions for operation.
Project management
We adopt unique project managing methods derived from our diverse project experiences (engineering management, budget management, quality management, and safety management), stick to delivery times, and thoroughly implement project management.
When the project is carried out, the use of our customers' confidential and precious data and information is unavoidable. We promise confidentiality to our customers by signing a contract of confidentiality, limiting outsider entrance, and managing documents thoroughly.
Construction with high quality and low price
You do not simply commission an integrated construction company. You commission Kirin Engineering to design and carry out a construction which is integrated with manufacturing equipment. in addition, depending on your needs, we will hold bidding to structure, electronic, and architectural equipment companies in order to lower construction costs. If the design is difficult to amend, we will make up for this through added construction.

Every time we start to construct food factories, the construction shows our abundant experiences and precious know-how. All of these are provided only for your satisfaction on your choice.

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