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Kirin Engineering Company, Limited.
Company Introduction

Philosophy of Kirin Engineering Company, Limited

Due to Kirin's abundant experience, we are capable of dealing quickly with the rigid
quality control of food.

In recent years, the food industry has changed substantially, and both the awareness and requirements for food safety have increased more rapidly than ever before. The concept of sanitary control for food manufacturers has also changed substantially, from quality control to "the thorough pursuit of a process quality guarantee."

Since countries throughout the world set laws to regulate food manufacturing industries, including the European Union, USA, Japan, and Taiwan, they are required to simultaneously save energy, reduce CO2, and "care for the Earth's environment." In the face of social environmental changes, simple respective responses to the individual aspects of these issues are not adequate to meet various future needs. Therefore, individual plans, such as introducing new equipment, reforming existing facilities, and building and refurbishing construction should take sanitation control, lawful requirements, and environmental considerations into consideration. Furthermore, such plans should be made and conducted according to the "entire factory system."

In the food manufacturing industry, which requires rigid standards, Kirin Engineering has been accumulating abundant experience and achievements as a "professional engineering company of food-related facilities." Especially due to our past processing experience, know-how, and technological capabilities accumulated from our experience in factory operation and construction, we demand from ourselves the ability to submit proposals that thoroughly obtain updated information, and provide you with proposals for food factory construction "from proposals, to basic planning, design, construction, commission-ing, and maintenance after commercial operation." We thus provide you with complete and food manufacturer comprehensive support.

We are the only organization that is able to provide you with integrated technological abilities and comprehensive support for the entire food factory according to customer needs, and to help customers to achieve a brighter future in the food industry.

Being a consolidated engineering company, we can provide you with the most advanced food factory planning, construction, and maintenance. We provide you with comprehensive support.

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